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Here the Paw!

At Hotel Bellavista your dog is welcome, you will find many services for them too

Here are all the services you will find at Bellavista:

  • Food bowl
  • Sleeping mat
  • Veterinary service on call (paid service)
  • Dog-sitte (paid service)

Your dogs can run around the hotel with a few small exceptions:

  • In the dining room, but if you are inseparable, we can prepare a table for you in a dedicated room, bar room or on the terrace during the warm season. This service must be defined with our reception, prior to arrival subject to availability
  • At the spa
  • In areas dedicated to children


Dogs may not be left alone in your room during your daily activities.


Outside you will find large green areas where you can run with them still recommending to respect the environment and collect their needs with the appropriate bags and pallets.


Please do not let your dog relieve himself in the garden or on the hotel terrace.


The number of rooms where we can accommodate dogs is limited (just some COMFORT ROOMS), please always check with us the availability of the appropriate room!

The daily cost for dogs is € 10.00 per day.








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