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Cross-country skiing in the valley of Franco Nones

Come and discover the cradle of Nordic skiing.

Cross-country skiing in the valley of Franco Nones

Fiemme valley  has been defined the cradle of Nordic skiing thanks to its past and future made up of great events: 3 World Championships in 1991, 2003 and 2013, the World Cup races such as the famous Tour de Ski, the legendary Marcialonga, the Skiri Trophy and a future that sees us protagonists during the 2026 Olympics.

Cross-country skiing is a sport suitable for everyone in close contact with nature. Here in Fiemme valley you can choose between different places to practice it:

Passo Lavazè mt. 1,800; here you will find more than 80 km of perfect slopes for all levels, from beginner to expert skier. You will have the chance to ski in a sunny setting that will give you wonderful views of the enchanting woods that you will pass through, there will be plenty of huts for a tasty break. Right at Lavazè Pass our family owns a cute mountain-style house. If you want more information on the rental options, do not hesitate to contact us!

Cross Country Center of Lago di Tesero home to the most important World competitions and future venue of the 2026 Olympics, offers a variety of slopes suitable for expert skiers but not only, in fact the lower part of the stadium, connected with the Marcialonga track, offers the possibility also for beginners to learn to move on skis. Possibility of rental and ski school at the stadium. The stadium is also open at night.

Marcialonga route is usually already beaten from December, there you can ski on the path of the legendary granfondo crossing the villages of the valleys of Fiemme and Fassa.

Cross-country skiing is part of the history of our family, thanks to Franco Nones, great Olympic champion who, with his Olympic medal in 1968 Grenoble, marked the turning point in the world of Nordic skiing by beating the undisputed "Nordic giants" and kicked off to the Italian founding movement. Read HERE the complete story of Franco and how his energy still gives us the entrepreneurial drive for the restyling of our new Hotel Bellavista.

At our hotel you will find many services dedicated to sports, advice suitable for the practice of this magnificent sport, and you will have the opportunity to buy or rent products and equipment at the NONES SPORT family shops in Cavalese and Castello di Fiemme.


A Passo d'oro Franco Nones

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